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"I'm very satisfied with your course. It will really change the way I study. Now I get something from every minute I spend on studying, and therefore I get more spare time as well... Your book deserves to be a best seller!"

Markus F.

"I have reviewed the course and found that it exceeds my expectations... I see the concepts not only applying to college... but in everyday life as well, and especially in the work force. "

John W.
Houston, TX

"There is no match for somebody who writes like a graduate fresh out of college who has just excelled in the game and still remembers the rules vividly. "

Jean W.
Hong Kong, China

"Great book! It's for my children, one in college and three more to go! Keep up the good work. "

Dr. Richard B.
Memphis, Tennessee

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"Ordinary Student Reveals How He Graduated From College In Only 2 Years, 8 Months With a Perfect 4.0 GPA!"

For the first time ever, one of America's most successful college students is telling all the secrets of making straight A's. Read on to learn how you can win the grade game in college...

Hard-hitting home study course will help you learn:

A little known technique that physiologists have proven will make it literally impossible for you to suffer from test anxiety...

How to shave an entire YEAR off the time it takes you to get your degree and save as much as $25,000 in tuition alone...

Former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge's secret to all accomplishment, and how you can use it to improve your grades...

The 6 most effective memory techniques developed by man over the last 2500 years...

The 3 unspoken rules of class participation, and how violating these rules can cost you the grade...

How to use the virtually unknown 400 year old "Test of Conscience" to achieve any goal...

The 11 questions to ask every professor before you even think about taking his class...

Specific, complete techniques to ace each of the 4 most common types of tests in college...

How sleep can help you learn better and remember more...

How to use the buildings along your walk to class to study for your next test...

Dear Friend,

If you're a university student, or if someone you care about is currently in school, I have some news that you will find very encouraging.

Most people think those few students who make the Dean's List every semester with a 4.0 GPA were just lucky enough to be born good students. They think that great academic performance is out of their reach. They're wrong.

You see, I was just an ordinary student until I made some extraordinary discoveries about how to play "The Grade Game" in college. These discoveries were so powerful that they transformed me in less than three years from a student who couldn't even get into college to a Phi Beta Kappa graduate with schools literally throwing money at me to get me to enroll in their graduate programs. Here's my story...

I'm sure you've had your share of struggles in school. My college troubles began before I even got to college! I thought I was a good student, but did I ever have a lot to learn. I was so confident about my abilities that I applied only to the top 2 universities in the U.S. "I'll get in easy," I thought. Why? "Because I'm smart!" I know what you're thinking...


And you know what? You're absolutely right, as I found out when I was rejected by both schools.

My hopes were dashed - I was crushed. How could this happen to me? Now I know the answer to that question: because I didn't know the first thing about how to play the little games that determine your success in college. I did well in high school, but no one told me that all the rules changed once I graduated and moved on to higher education. I vowed then and there that I would learn everything there is to know about doing well in college - everything from getting in to graduating with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Lucky for me, I managed at the last minute to get into a top notch state university. I then began to learn many things that surprised me...

Rule Number One, I discovered, is that being "smart" has absolutely nothing to do with being successful in college. Getting good grades just means winning a huge game that every student must play, like it or not. All you need to do to win the game is to play by the right set of rules.

"Rules? What rules?" Well, I discovered a total of 140 Rules of the Game. No one ever tells you what the rules are, but you're expected to know them! Violating even a single, solitary rule can have a devastating effect on your GPA and your future.

I've gathered these 140 Rules together for the first time in my home study course. When ordinary college students learn and apply these Rules, the result is an immediate improvement in grades. Once you grasp these Rules, you'll know:

  • What steps to take to sell the professor on the idea that YOU deserve one of the few A's in the class...

  • How to prepare yourself before the lecture so you learn twice as much as the other students, and what to do after lecture to cement what you learned in long term memory...

  • How much of your time during lecture you should spend taking notes - the answer will surprise you!

  • Unique ways to use your mind and body to focus your concentration when you're tired or bored...

  • A simple technique that has been proven to increase long term retention of what you learn by as much as 3000%...

  • How to use a completely unknown tactic to gain your professor's undying respect...

  • How to reduce by half the time required for any learning task...

  • How to use scientifically verified techniques to banish test anxiety forever...

  • What to do on each of the 6 days before a test to prepare yourself to ace it...

  • The checklist of 6 actions to take during every single test to make your work destroy the competition...

  • How to increase your grade the day after the test...

  • How to cultivate extremely valuable sources for letters of recommendation that glow with praise...

Without this knowledge, it can take 6 long years to graduate from college - that is, if you graduate! Of course, you can learn the rules the hard way: trial and error. But if enough of those "errors" pile up at one time, the damage will already be done. Why waste all that time and risk bad grades?

My study course will teach you everything you need to know in just hours. As soon as you diligently apply the rules, your grades will begin to improve!

Using my 140 Rules, I enjoyed these successes in college:

  • Perfect 4.0 GPA, every single semester
  • Phi Beta Kappa's Outstanding Achiever for the entire University of Texas at Austin
  • Dean's Distinguished Graduate
  • Outstanding Undergraduate in my field
  • and a huge stack of other honors...

What's more, I found time for school while I:

  • competed in Varsity Athletics (Crew)
  • worked as a Teaching Assistant for 20 hours a week
  • worked as a Private Tutor for 20 hours a week

As a result of learning and using these 140 Rules, and applying them, I:

  • Earned admission to all 7 graduate schools to which I applied, including MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Caltech, Berkeley, and Northwestern!
  • Was offered a FULL FELLOWSHIP by each of the 7 schools

All told, I was offered (get this) over $750,000 in fellowships!

I'm not telling you this to brag. Plain and simple - I learned how to win the grade game in college, and I can show you. Wouldn't you like to learn how someone who couldn't even get into college won three quarters of a million dollars in fellowships from some of the best graduate schools in the world? How about after only 2 years, 8 months of college? Every tactic, every secret, every rule of the grade game is in the course. You'll learn exactly:

  • How to make your friends and professors swear you have a photographic memory...

  • What to do to "jumpstart" your brain when you draw a blank during a test...

  • The secrets of 99th percentile performance on standardized tests like the GRE and LSAT...

  • How to create a graduate school application that will make the school literally throw money at your feet - as much as $100,000 from every school to which you apply...

  • How to remember an entire lecture - without taking notes...

  • Why excessive highlighting can be very harmful to your grade's health...

  • A tried and true method to explode the size of your vocabulary...

  • The techniques used to create literally hundreds of A papers, including:
    • 2 totally unknown super thesis sources
    • 4 under used research sources that will prove to be gold mines for any paper
    • 3 simple ways to make your paper stand head and shoulders above the competition
    • The best tool for unlocking your writing creativity: the free form outline

The core of the course is composed of twelve loaded chapters. Together they cover all aspects of making the grade in college. Nine exercises follow, each geared to help you discover your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

The course contains all of the techniques I used to earn more than 40 straight A's in almost every type of college class there is:

Natural SciencesSeminars
Fine ArtsLaboratories
Social SciencesLectures
Foreign LanguagesSelf-Paced Classes
MathematicsIndependent Study
Literature Thesis Classes

If you'd like to see first hand the results of using my program, just click here for my college transcripts.

"Sure, this stuff might have worked for you, but will it work for me?" Yes, absolutely! Individual results will of course vary, but you can expect your grades to improve when you learn and apply the 140 Rules. Would you like to see what others have said about me and my ability to teach other students to succeed? Here are the testimonials of two professors from the University of Texas at Austin:

"Mr. King is the smartest student I have seen in my eighteen years at the University of Texas at Austin... He is extremely lucid at explaining concepts to students and sometimes had as many as twenty students in for tutoring."
-- Professor Alfred Norman, Economics, Honors Advisor
Click here to see this recommendation.
"Mr. King tutored a student who badly failed the first exam; after a few weeks of tutoring the student improved her grade on the second exam by 40 points."
-- Instructor Thomas Otway, Mathematics

The originals of these letters of recommendation are on file in my office. If you'd like to take a look at them yourself, let me know.

So, How Much Does The Course Cost?

How valuable do you think this information is? Well, I used it to graduate YEARS before thousands of students who entered college when I did. In fact, I finished grad school before many of them finished college. What would that be worth to you? Say, two years worth of tuition at $20,000 a year? What about the money you'd be earning on that job after you graduate while everyone else is still studying for exams? Another $40,000 a year?

That's a total of $120,000!

What if you want to go to graduate school? I used this information to win $750,000 in fellowships from some of the best grad schools in the world. Imagine the possibilities - you may do even better than I did.

Finally, what's it worth to you to master school finally, and have time left over to participate in athletics or social events? Time just to relax if you like while other students drive themselves crazy struggling blindly to make the grade...

How would it feel to hear your parents congratulate you and tell you how proud they are of your success? Wouldn't it be fantastic to see your friends look at you in awe when you ace the class that everyone else fails? Imagine the rush you'll feel when you realize that you can answer every question on the final exam in the class from hell!

The techniques you'll learn in this course are priceless. They'll save you time and money, increase the quality of your education, and greatly improve your ability to learn. I can't charge what the course is worth, because no one could afford it. Besides, it's my objective to help you improve your grades, your education, and your future. The course is priced so that every college student can afford it - in fact, it costs less than most of your textbooks. It's only $35, plus a $6 charge for shipping and handling which includes Prioirity Mail 2-3 Day Delivery.

Ironclad Guarantee

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the course, simply return it within 30 days of your order date for a full refund of $41. That's your purchase price and your shipping and handling charge refunded to you immediately if you're not extremely pleased with the results. The only risk you face is not trying the course!

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